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How to Choose the Right Bike for Commuting

A bicycle is a great way to get to work, school or wherever else. However, you need to find the right bicycle for your route and riding skill. With this guide, we’ll help you on your quest to find the perfect bicycle for you.

1. Know your route

When it comes to choosing a commuter bicycle, you need to know what your commute is like. This means you should know the layout of your ride thoroughly. For instance, does your route require lots of uphill movement and a fair amount of turns? If so, you’ll want to get a bicycle that has gear shifts that are specifically designed for such purposes.

2. Consider your expertise

You never forget how to ride a bicycle, but there is a lot to be said for mastering different types of bicycles. If most of your bicycle-riding has been recreational and not for the purpose of commuting, then you’ll want to ease yourself into the many of miles of pedalling to and from work and school. A fixed gear bicycle (or “fixie”) is a popular choice for commuting due to how fast they let you go. However, it’s design requires constant pedalling, which takes some getting used to.

3. Know your terrain

The ideal bicycle commute is on smooth, uncrowded streets that go downhill both ways (somehow), but if you have to cross rough waters (not literally, of course), there are bicycles that will be a help. Gravel bicycles are designed to help you out in the case of rough terrain on your commute. Plus, if inclement weather like snow strikes while you’re riding, a gravel bicycle will know how to handle it.

4. Do you have things to haul?

If you have items that you bring to work or school regularly, then you should consider getting a touring bicycle. These will have racks for you to store your items or bolts that will allow you to install racks yourself. Just make sure that your rack is on securely and that you don’t have too many valuables in it.

5. Do you want to get there faster?

Not quite a regular old-fashioned bicycle, not quite a motorcycle, an electric bicycle provides a speed boost that will help in those crunch time moments when pedalling as hard as you possibly can only do so much. You’ll just have to keep one very important thing in mind: make sure the battery is charged.

With this information, you should now have a better idea about what to look for in terms of a commuter bicycle. Go to a cycling shop and consult with the staff about your needs and any other questions you might have.