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Best Bike Storage Shed: The Ideal Outdoor Bike Storage Solution

Searching for outdoor bike storage solutions? If you don’t have enough space inside and you don’t have a garage, then what else is out there? Dedicated bike storage sheds! Usually low lying so they don’t take up too much space (which is super important if you have a small garden) but you get to keep your bike safe and out of the weather – genius!

This list features some of the best bike storage sheds available in the market right now, from the most basic and economical sheds to the top of the range options.

After over 25 hours of research, shortlisting different storage sheds, scoping out their specs, and combing through various marketplaces online for bike storage reviews and recommendations, it’s safe to state that the Rubbermaid Slide Lid shed is the best bike storage shed out there.


Put simply, it ticks all the boxes for a good bike storage solution. In fact, this storage could be the perfect complement to any home- both in form and function, proving that bike storage can be both stylish and practical.

More details on the Rubbermaid shed here: The bike shed is a compact, weather-resistant and maintenance-free storage solution that has a lot of good things about it: a lovely design, heavy duty construction, comfortable size, enough space, and, best of all, a great price tag that is hard to beat for all the benefits on offer. Sure, you can pay almost twice as much for a premium bike storage unit like the Bosmere Trimetals A300, but the extra money you shell out doesn’t buy you something that’s much more practical or useful than this one–which is fantastic. Keep reading for a more in-depth review.

Top 5 Bike Storage Sheds

1. Rubbermaid Outdoor Slide-Lid Storage Shed

If someone wanted to buy the best bike storage shed out there, I would recommend that they buy the Rubbermaid Outdoor Slide-Lid Storage Shed. For starters, it is a be-all-end-all solution for those looking for a safe and secure way to keep their bikes and cycling gear dry and accessible.

Standing the test of time, the brand Rubbermaid continues to satisfy its customers by rolling out practical and durable products that make for excellent storage solutions. It comes as a no surprise that they have come up with yet another winner in the storage shed department with the slide lid storage shed.
Made of tough plastic, this Rubbermaid shed comes with a slidable rooftop for easy and quick access to all your items. It also features reinforced and durable walls that resist rust and are maintenance-free, making it much more durable than other storage sheds of its kind.


  • The shed has a very low profile design, which means it could fit under standard 6-feet fences comfortably.
  • In spite of its low profile design, the storage shed has more than enough room for your bikes, kits and other gear.
  • Assembly is relatively easy and doesn’t take much time either.  Note: the instructions in the user manual are fairly easy to follow and help a great deal in making sure you put this thing together without any hassles.
  • Lots of wall space means you get enough room for accessories like hooks, hangers, pegboards, racks and other things that you need to keep everything neat and tidy
  • It has a slidable top. That means no more digging around for the stuff you really can’t see.
  • And you don’t have to stoop down or bend over under the roof either. The lid slides front and back so you could get to everything inside with little effort.  What it also means is that you can see how much space you have utilized and how much you have left.
  • It can be padlocked.


  • Although it’s a very sturdy unit, the top tends to get knocked down a little too easily in windy conditions.
  • Another minor gripe is that sometimes it appears as if the front roof is stuck to something, making it really hard to roll it back.


If you’re someone with a lot of stuff to store this is a bike shed to die for.  It’s got everything you need- space, security, comfort and it’s excellent value for money. Read more reviews and check the price here

2. Bosmere Trimetals A300 Bicycle Storage Unit

Despite being the most expensive in this roundup of top bike sheds, the  Bosmere Trimetals A300 is still one of the most sought-after units in the UK for design, security and durability.  Guess what? It’s considered a safe haven by people who live in areas thick with thieves.

Designed for storing three cycles and other equipment, it’s quite robust and is built from special PVC-coated galvanized steel panels, plus a padlock system, meaning your bikes should be safe and secure. Not only does this top-of-the-line shed make storing bikes outside more comfortable and effortless, but it can also hold up to years of abuse. And, that explains the awesome 15-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Bosmere A300 is the ideal storage solution for your bikes, cycling kit and accessories, pool toys, gardening kit supplies and other paraphernalia. Agreed the price is a bit steep. But it’s a good investment nevertheless for long term renters and property owners who’ve got more than a few costly bicycles to protect from the elements.


  • Guaranteed to last long. Specially coated galvanized steel, stainless steel outer fixings, and sturdy hinges and rivets reinforced with aluminium make A300 corrosion-free and extremely durable.
  • Its unique spring-assisted action lets you access the contents easily and quickly.
  • Provides more storage space than you’ll ever need. Easily accommodates two bikes, cycling equipment, and other gardening tools and supplies with room to spare.
  • It’s well secure by design- comes fitted with a curved piece of stainless steel with a hole in it that you put a padlock through. It also lets you bolt it down to the concrete floor or a wooden frame.
  • It has a relatively medium footprint so it really doesn’t matter how much room you have available for a storage unit in your yard.


  • The space, security, and durability of this storage shed come at a price, which might be simply too much for many. 
  • Assembly is not easy as you’d imagine but it shouldn’t take more than 60 minutes to build and install if you have someone helping you through it.
  • The unit looks just like a mini tank and may not be too pleasing to the eye. 


At over $1000, it’s certainly a huge investment and more expensive than a simple garden storage shed, but it’s the most secure bike storage shed on offer and worth it if you are seriously concerned about theft. 

Handy Hint: Give it a flat standing ground. A hard concrete surface should do just fine. Drill the fixings and anchor into the ground, so the stronger the fixing the more secure it will be. Read more reviews and check the price here

3. The YardStash III

Want a decent dumping ground for your bikes and other stuff? You’ll be quite hard-pressed to find a more economical storage solution than the YardStash III.

YardStash II proved that big wheels can be stowed away in compact spaces. The all new YardStash III seems to be a better, stronger, tougher outdoor storage shed than its predecessor. And the best part is, nearly every aspect of its design has evolved in one way or the other.

Some of YardStash III features include reinforced seams, strong full zippers from top to toe, a solid weatherproof coating;  a well-secure integrated floor; and a patented design to keep your bike and other cycling equipment out of sight and protected from adverse weather conditions.


  • It does what it is intended to do- keeps your bikes nice and dry- and at a great price.
  • This freestanding and self-supporting tent-like bike storage is sturdy, and, once erected, can be moved around with ease.
  • It’s lightweight and very easy to set up.
  • It has a storage area that is large enough for two bikes and some lawn tools.
  • The small footprint is a real advantage when you find yourself faced with a cramped space for a bigger outdoor bike shed in your yard.


  • The color of the fabric might fade away quickly. Several reviews also noted that the fabric started to wear out with frequent use.
  • Reviews suggest that the fabric would delaminate or wear thin after a year or so. Despite its decent build quality and good choice of materials, it appears that prolonged exposure to sun might do some serious damage to the fabric, rendering it useless over time.
  • Another common complaint is the seam tends to rip and fray right at the point where the flap meets the poles, which doesn’t bode well for its longevity.


With its good tiny-tent design and budget-level pricing, the YardStash III is a great bet if you’re after a simple, affordable bike storage solution that can resist the elements. But there are better storage sheds out there if you’re willing to spend some more money.

Handy Hint: Anchoring it securely to the ground is a must especially if you live in a windy area. Read more reviews and check the price here

4. Suncast BMS4700 Storage Shed

Are you searching for a shed to store your bikes and perhaps shove in some yard gear? Enter the Suncast BMS4700.  

Specifically designed as a replacement for large storage sheds this is the shed you need if you are a little cramped for room.

Made of high-quality plastic, this handy bike shed boasts of smart features (including powerful gas shocks) and guarantees enough durability to keep your bikes safe, secure and well protected even in rough weather conditions.

What makes it the ‘shed to beat’ (more than anything else) is its affordable price. A special mention to the manufacturer for proving that affordable and practical could go together.


  • It is easy to assemble when compared to other plastic storage units of its kind. It might seem that there are just too many screws and bolts to deal with, but putting it together is relatively easy.
  • Made of very sturdy plastic, this shed keeps your bikes dry and warm in winter nights, and safe and secure in blustery weather.  
  • Its size has got to be one of its biggest pluses. And that makes it a great pick for those homes where space is at a premium.
  • It’s definitely a wallet-friendly option and I’m sure all you bargain-hunters will appreciate the price-to-performance ratio of this outdoor storage shed.
  • It’s quite spacious for two bikes, and adequate for three. And it can hold more stuff than you think it can.
  • There’s a handy little latch for putting a padlock through, which is a nice touch.


  • It’s a bit of a bummer that you need to lift the lid (although partially) to be able to open the doors.
  • Even though opening and closing the doors is relatively easy, many users noted that door construction, in general, is a bit substandard.
  • Several reviews also reported that the screws that hold the hinge in place come loose, causing the hinge to be wobbly at times. And that translates to a poor experience.


A cheap and practical storage solution, this Suncast BMS4700 storage shed sets a new standard for affordability. It might fit the bill if you are looking for a simple and solid storage unit that costs less. Other than that, there is not much to say about this Suncast shed.

Handy Hint: If it matters to you, the BMS4700 is made in USA. Read more reviews and check the price here

5. Keter Manor Large 4 x 6 ft. Resin Outdoor Backyard Garden Storage Shed

Looking to make a bit of style statement in your yard? Well, Keter has got a cute and compact storage shed with a cottage-like design for you.  

The Keter Manor Large Outdoor Backyard Garden Storage Shed is made from hard plastic and features extruded wall panels for added strength and stability. Sized perfectly to be tucked against fences or into corners, this storage shed does double duty- providing valuable storage for your bikes and gear and adding a bit of style to your backyard.


  • Beautiful details such as windows and vents make this storage shed a welcome addition to any home.
  • The closure feels sturdy, framed by double wall extruded panels
  • There’s plenty of room for two bikes and most of your garden supplies.
  • It is compact, has plenty of room to stow your stuff, and includes a window to flood natural sunlight onto the storage space.
  • The double door provides wider access to the space and that really comes in handy when you’re dealing with adult-sized bikes.
  • The shed includes several small vent panels that improve airflow and minimize heat. A big plus if you’re used to overloading your shed with a ton of things.


  • It is not the sturdiest of storage sheds; certainly not the easiest to put together either. However, it looks beautiful.
  • It might hold up well in the heat but does tend to struggle to hold tight in windy conditions. Few reviews noted that the whole thing came crashing down whenever there was a gusty or strong wind.
  • Several users complained that the plastic panels on the floor feel flimsy. That’s a definite flaw in what seems to be a decent bike storage shed with many good features. Here’s a nice workaround: put down plywood boards and nail the flimsy plastic panels down on them to reinforce the floor a bit.
  • Might take a lot of work to add shelves to it.


Charming and practical, this detail-rich storage shed will remain a focal point of any yard. At the price it’s going for, this storage unit is certainly not the cheapest, but it’s one of the most stylish designs I’ve ever seen. Overall, it’s a worthy storage solution for bikes.

Handy Hint: Bolt it down to the ground to make sure it doesn’t blow up during high winds. Read more reviews and check the price here


There you go. We’ve come to the end of this bike storage shed comparison article.

Rubbermaid comes up trumps as the best bike storage shed with its solid slide lid shed. In terms of effectiveness, it is in a league of its own. As was mentioned earlier, it has everything a good bike shed should have. Size, quality, safety, durability and features. So, stop scratching your head about how to relieve your storage burden and start collecting all your gear in one place.

Bring home a Rubbermaid bike storage shed. It delivers the goods.

Best Bike Hooks: A Simple, Budget-Friendly Bike Storage Solution

If you’re looking for a cheap bike storage solution, bike hooks are the best choice for your budget. Whether you mount the bike hooks in your garage or shed, make sure you fasten to a stud or ceiling rafter for extra support. The hooks below range from screw-in hooks under $10 to full garage storage solution for slightly more money.

No time? Just want the best option? You can’t go past Impresa’s Heavy Duty Bike Hooks. They hold up to a whopping hundred pounds per hook and are versatile enough to be used on the ceiling or wall. Plus the price is excellent. Click here for more reviews and to check the price.

The Best Bike Hooks

1. Impresa Bike Hanger / Bike Hook (Pack of 4) – Heavy-Duty, Fits All Bike Types, Easy On/Off

These bike hooks take top spot for versatility and price and strength – each hook can hold up to 100lbs!. They are equally effective when hanging a bike from a ceiling or wall. The wide-mouth design fits more tires than other hook designs, Heavy duty and with a long enough thread to allow for a half-inch of sheetrock on top of a stud. Make sure you mount these to a wall stud, or rafters.

Weight limit: Each hook can hold up to 100lbs

Manufacturer tip: Hang your bike vertically for the strongest hold.

Read more reviews and check the price here

2. Tornado 00520 Large J-Hook

The Tornado Large J-Hook design does what it says on the tin. The spike on the back plate lets you find the right position on the wall before screwing the hook in.

Tip: Some reviewers commented the provided screws were too short for drilling a pilot hole. If you intend to drill a pilot hole, grab a bag of extra long screws.
Weight limit: 40lbs
Read more reviews and check the price here:

3. Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System Vertical Bike Hook, 1784463

The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System Vertical Bike Hook only works with the Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System Rail, but if you’re willing to invest a little more into an all-purpose garage storage solution this is a great product. The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System claims to “create 10 times more storage space than screwing hooks into studs”.

Weight limit: Hold up to 50lbs
Read more reviews and check the price here.

4. TEKTON 7644 Heavy Duty Bike Hooks, Ceiling Mount, 2-Piece

These heavy duty bike hooks by Tekton hold up to 50lbs per hook, so you can also store other equipment like ladders and garden tools. Or more bikes! Reviewers love how solid these hooks are. They definitely live up to their heavy-duty name. Plus, the ceiling mount helps keep your garage clutter-free.

Weight limit: Hold up to 50lbs
Read more reviews and check the price here

5.Organized Living Activity Organizer Loop Hook

This slots into the Organized Living Activity Organizer Wire grid, or use the included hardware to mount the Organized Living Activity Organizer Loop Hook directly on the wall.

Weight Limit: Holds up to 75lbs.
Read more reviews and check the price here

Bike Hooks are the ideal solution for cheap bike storage for garage. They keep the floor clutter-free and the best thing is, they don’t cost much at all. Looking for outdoor bike storage solutions? Check out the best bike storage sheds review and comparisons.

How to Choose the Right Bike for Commuting

A bicycle is a great way to get to work, school or wherever else. However, you need to find the right bicycle for your route and riding skill. With this guide, we’ll help you on your quest to find the perfect bicycle for you.

1. Know your route

When it comes to choosing a commuter bicycle, you need to know what your commute is like. This means you should know the layout of your ride thoroughly. For instance, does your route require lots of uphill movement and a fair amount of turns? If so, you’ll want to get a bicycle that has gear shifts that are specifically designed for such purposes.

2. Consider your expertise

You never forget how to ride a bicycle, but there is a lot to be said for mastering different types of bicycles. If most of your bicycle-riding has been recreational and not for the purpose of commuting, then you’ll want to ease yourself into the many of miles of pedalling to and from work and school. A fixed gear bicycle (or “fixie”) is a popular choice for commuting due to how fast they let you go. However, it’s design requires constant pedalling, which takes some getting used to.

3. Know your terrain

The ideal bicycle commute is on smooth, uncrowded streets that go downhill both ways (somehow), but if you have to cross rough waters (not literally, of course), there are bicycles that will be a help. Gravel bicycles are designed to help you out in the case of rough terrain on your commute. Plus, if inclement weather like snow strikes while you’re riding, a gravel bicycle will know how to handle it.

4. Do you have things to haul?

If you have items that you bring to work or school regularly, then you should consider getting a touring bicycle. These will have racks for you to store your items or bolts that will allow you to install racks yourself. Just make sure that your rack is on securely and that you don’t have too many valuables in it.

5. Do you want to get there faster?

Not quite a regular old-fashioned bicycle, not quite a motorcycle, an electric bicycle provides a speed boost that will help in those crunch time moments when pedalling as hard as you possibly can only do so much. You’ll just have to keep one very important thing in mind: make sure the battery is charged.

With this information, you should now have a better idea about what to look for in terms of a commuter bicycle. Go to a cycling shop and consult with the staff about your needs and any other questions you might have.

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Bike

Whether you use a bicycle daily as your main form of transportation, or for infrequent recreational use, you’ll want to keep it in top condition and avoid unnecessary wear or premature aging. Here are five simple tips which will help you maintain your bike and keep it performing well for a very long time.

1. Keep Your Tires Inflated

Under-inflated tires don’t just make your ride less pleasant–they can also damage your tubes and cause your tires to wear much faster. The tires on road bikes tend to need re-inflating more regularly than off-road bikes, but you should check the pressure before every ride regardless.

If you find that your tires are soft, use the recommended PSI on the tire to make sure you’re not over-inflating, which can also cause problems. Sometimes you may need to experiment to find the optimal PSI. Many tires have a recommended range, and road conditions and rider size play a big part in what works best.

2. Regularly Check the Bolts

Over time, the bolts holding your bicycle together can wiggle loose. When this happens, it can put stress on various components of your bike, causing it to wear faster or get damaged. Regularly checking these bolts can prevent this problem from happening. If you find any loose bolts, use the torque specifications in the owners manual to keep you from over-tightening and to properly restore the bolts where needed.

3. Store Your Bicycle Properly

One of the easiest and most important ways to preserve the life of your bicycle is to store it properly. Outdoor bike storage in an unprotected area can result in extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, moisture, and even neighbourhood animals. All of these can damage your bike and shorten its lifespan. Storing it in a bike storage shed can protect your ride and greatly minimize wear and tear, extending its life and usability.

4. Regularly Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubricating your bicycle regularly is vital for proper bike maintenance. Lube will keep away rust and corrosion and will help avoid an excess amount of friction, keeping away premature wear. An absence of lubrication, especially on your bike’s chain, can result in a bike which responds poorly and is stiff and squeaky to ride. Lubricate frequently with a proper bike lube, and wipe off any excess lube before riding it so that you don’t attract and collect dust and dirt.

5. Don’t Neglect Cleaning

When you come home from riding your bicycle, spend a few moments wiping off any grime or dirt before you put it back in your bike storage shed. Allowing mud and other substances to remain on your bicycle frame can result in corrosion and rust, and if they get in your chain or other moving parts they can cause wear and tear. A brief cleaning and drying of your ride after use can play a huge part in keeping your bicycle looking and performing in a like-new fashion.